Rockingham 20/3/16

Leaving the house at 5:30 in the morning is never great.. but the plus point was being able to listen to the first F1 race of the season as I drove to Rockingham.

Panda Waiting Rockingham

Being me I managed to arrive early for the meeting, only about 15 mins but went into the nearly empty paddock and unloaded the spare wheels and tools from the car.

A quick long walk round the track.. and to remind myself of the sole goal of the event – don’t prang it!

Very quickly it was time for the convoy runs, this is a strange experience having never done them before as a load of us snake around the circuit in single file at slow speed.

Finally it was time for the first run. 109.96 seconds.. very pleasing for someone who didn’t have a clue about what he was doing! Also not slowest in class which made it even better.

Gaining in confidence for the next run I gave it large, resulting in being a few seconds quicker.

Finally time for the first competitive run against the clock. With my self set new goal of 105 and remembering not to lift in turn 1 I got a 104.22. So was pleased again to beat the new target straight away.

Final run was a 102.79, with getting just shy of 100mph before Deene I was very pleased. Missed out on third place by .27 of a second… The other interest was that the finishing speed rose from 63mph to 67.7! As well as knocking .4 of a second of my first 64 feet time!

Most importantly.. no damage, and some big discoveries about how much grip the Panda has!

Quirky fact… I got 13.2 MPG at the circuit..

MPG Rockingham

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