North Weald Sprint

Another sprint, this time first outing to North Weald. So having already competed on a circuit time for a bumpy airfield!

Once the route around the airfield was digested and walked so that the repeated cone sets were known it was into first practice run.

The first shock was that it was far bumpier than expected from the walk… but a 105.81 was OK.

Second practice was a very lary, sideways, bouncy 98.01 with far too much corner speed and understeer. Time for a think as the hail came down….

With some slight line adjustments and more thought about how to stop the wheels from spinning up as much a 96.40 and not feeling like I had taken all the risks in the world.

2nd run was a 95.79, and the last run it was all going about right for a 94.26… yes 7th in class (but in the 1600 class that is not a surprise), 41st overall, but behind me was 4 MX5s and an MR2 so quite pleased overall really. Fastest 1400 which pleased me.

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