Hethel Sprint

Sadly no photographs due to the rules from Lotus – not a problem at all..

Hethel is such an interesting circuit – always reminds me why Lotus make such great handling cars!

The circuit is basically an L, with the outside of the L having long straights, there is a chicane at Chapman and other one placed in the Factory Straight. The route was from the pits 1 lap and then the finish after the Senna Curves.

Hethel Track

Practice 1

First feeler for the course… Knew I hadn’t braked late enough and hard enough for the chicanes, and felt that I go the line wrong between Graham Hill, McQueen and Circle corner!

Nicely an MX5 and Golf GTI Mk1 behind me! But sadly the Saxo’s and 2 other MX5s 15 seconds ahead.. .although finding out that they touch 110mph before the North Hairpin as opposed to me nearly touching 100 reminded me that 200cc, with 20% more power and a car weighing 50kg less stands out!


Practice 2

Harder hitting, brake harder, and generally much better, apart from the back end hopping between Graham Hill, McQueen and Circle corner, resulting in a huge slide around Circle Corner!

174.23 seconds

The Golf got much closer!

Timed Run 1

A tweak of the tyre pressures to reduce the hoping which worked well.

A decision to take much more kerb and be a bit more aggressive into the corners to get the car flatter and gripping earlier! But the huge over cook at circle corner on the second run through it resulted in lots of lost time.

173.44 seconds

Timed Run 2

More kerb, more confidence in the car with the tyre pressures, although the front end wash and roll might now mean time to look at new shocks. Loads of kerb, and hitting the brakes much much harder resulted in the back end lifting under braking – really must think about the shocks! Taking all the kerb I could find whilst keeping the car vaguely on track!

170.65 much happier with the time, and some great lessons learnt about the tyre pressures!


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