North Weald

The second visit to North Weald, and my first return to a sprint I have been to before.  With the complaining neighbour having moved it was nice to not have to queue outside the gate!

One of the quirks with North Weald is that the circuit is that it is never laid out the same each time!

Practice 1

A sighting lap, and trying to remember where the big bumps are so  not pushing too hard 87.17.

Practice 2

Bumps remembered so time to push a bit harder.. 86.02, with a right mess at the Banjo, braking too early and feeling like I had stopped before the corner!

Timed Run 1

More aggression, lots of slides as the rear tyres didn’t get warm, 85.71.

Timed Run 2

After lunch and some thought a small drop in the rear tyre pressures to increase the stability, but a bit of a big error on one of the loops around the oval section resulted in a large lift due to the track not being wide enough. 85.77.

Timed Run 3

Last run.. concentrate, try to get the braking for Banjo right and to keep the speed round the oval without running out of track. Success 84.80. OK still 8th in class, but two MX5s beaten.

Sprint time 10 seconds quicker than earlier in the year, with the class fastest time only 5 seconds quicker than earlier in the year, so I guess I have learnt how to throw the Panda about a bit.

Last race for the year so time now to re-group and think about 2017!


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