First U1300 Race

U1300 before it gets too mangled

Well I have had my first evening racing the U1300 RC Stockcar.

A disaster would be an understatement.

Before the racing started.. managed to blow an engine in the first hear, so was very slow in a straight line and a mobile chicane! Fortunately this is not quite as bad as you would think, a new engine bought for a tenner, and some kind fellow racers with a soldering iron got my electrical connections sorted… then even better decided that I needed help for the rest of the evening.

Next heat they spotted that I had too much steering and too much back end grip – which explained why I kept rolling over in the corners. With this resolved for heat 3 I did kinda OK, last but kinda OK.

For the Final which frankly was carnage! Mainly due to my mobile chicane tactics… I was impressed that I managed to just about keep up until I broke my steering – the joys of second hand parts.

The plus point was gaining another evening of being busy with rebuilding the broken bits and ordering some spares.

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