Category: Racing

First U1300 Race

Well I have had my first evening racing the U1300 RC Stockcar. A disaster would be an understatement. Before the racing started.. managed to blow an engine in the first hear, so was very slow in a straight line and

Back Racing

Well the decision is made.. .Team Eaurouge will be back racing again as Team Eaurouge 8Bit racing due to securing number 256 in the BRCA Ovals… The plan is to race an F2, but as is always the way a

North Weald

The second visit to North Weald, and my first return to a sprint I have been to before.  With the complaining neighbour having moved it was nice to not have to queue outside the gate! One of the quirks with

Hethel Sprint

Sadly no photographs due to the rules from Lotus – not a problem at all.. Hethel is such an interesting circuit – always reminds me why Lotus make such great handling cars! The circuit is basically an L, with the

Debden Sprint 26 June 2016

Another new track – no surprise. First challenge is to get into Carver Barracks which actually was OK, just need to remember to have your pass ready before you turn into the premises. Nothing changed for this event on the

Blyton Park Sprint June 2016

Blyton Park sprint was a long sprint being 2 laps of the outer circuit. (Making just under 3 miles per run!).One of the other nice things was the Classic Marques, Mini-Cross and Aston Martin clubs being present resulting in a

Abingdon CAR-nival

Well new brakes, and trying 99 Ron Fuel… I have to say it seemed better pulling away. As for the brakes took me all day to try to work out how good they are! Abingdon is a big day, with

Panda Brakes

Well after things got a bit long and interesting at the last event the decision was made to put new pads and disc on. Nothing special.. not a race compound as the car has to work everyday, but I did

Snetterton Sprint

The joy of a local round, just 45 minutes from Door to parking in my space at Snetterton! Even better was that the sun was shining. With a new concept in my head of not taking it so easy on

North Weald Sprint

Another sprint, this time first outing to North Weald. So having already competed on a circuit time for a bumpy airfield! Once the route around the airfield was digested and walked so that the repeated cone sets were known it