Snetterton Sprint

The joy of a local round, just 45 minutes from Door to parking in my space at Snetterton!

Waiting to start

Waiting to start

Even better was that the sun was shining. With a new concept in my head of not taking it so easy on the 1st practice run I set off on the first run. 125.73 not bad, although lugged through some of the turns a bit. Practice 2 was 124.62 – this time screaming through some of the turns.. and very sideways at the hairpin (Firmans).

Timed run 1 124.20, timed run 2 124.2 again. The difference? Run one, 3rd gear through Oggies, and massively sideways through Firmans. Run 2 2nd Gear Oggies, wheelspin all the way round Firmans…

Ah well lets try run 3, the sun has gone in… 124.93… with a smooth attempt at Firmans. ah well I always said it is like a classic Mini Cooper and clearly a bit of John Rhodes needed going forwards!

4th in class again.. 10 seconds of the fast Saxo’s again… Oh but the only other 1.4 was 10 seconds slower than me!

New brakes have also been ordered as they started to get a bit long and the level of dust means they can’t be much left on the pads.

Worked hard today on the brakes

Worked hard today on the brakes

North Weald Sprint

Another sprint, this time first outing to North Weald. So having already competed on a circuit time for a bumpy airfield!

Once the route around the airfield was digested and walked so that the repeated cone sets were known it was into first practice run.

The first shock was that it was far bumpier than expected from the walk… but a 105.81 was OK.

Second practice was a very lary, sideways, bouncy 98.01 with far too much corner speed and understeer. Time for a think as the hail came down….

With some slight line adjustments and more thought about how to stop the wheels from spinning up as much a 96.40 and not feeling like I had taken all the risks in the world.

2nd run was a 95.79, and the last run it was all going about right for a 94.26… yes 7th in class (but in the 1600 class that is not a surprise), 41st overall, but behind me was 4 MX5s and an MR2 so quite pleased overall really. Fastest 1400 which pleased me.

Rockingham 20/3/16

Leaving the house at 5:30 in the morning is never great.. but the plus point was being able to listen to the first F1 race of the season as I drove to Rockingham.

Panda Waiting Rockingham

Being me I managed to arrive early for the meeting, only about 15 mins but went into the nearly empty paddock and unloaded the spare wheels and tools from the car.

A quick long walk round the track.. and to remind myself of the sole goal of the event – don’t prang it!

Very quickly it was time for the convoy runs, this is a strange experience having never done them before as a load of us snake around the circuit in single file at slow speed.

Finally it was time for the first run. 109.96 seconds.. very pleasing for someone who didn’t have a clue about what he was doing! Also not slowest in class which made it even better.

Gaining in confidence for the next run I gave it large, resulting in being a few seconds quicker.

Finally time for the first competitive run against the clock. With my self set new goal of 105 and remembering not to lift in turn 1 I got a 104.22. So was pleased again to beat the new target straight away.

Final run was a 102.79, with getting just shy of 100mph before Deene I was very pleased. Missed out on third place by .27 of a second… The other interest was that the finishing speed rose from 63mph to 67.7! As well as knocking .4 of a second of my first 64 feet time!

Most importantly.. no damage, and some big discoveries about how much grip the Panda has!

Quirky fact… I got 13.2 MPG at the circuit..

MPG Rockingham

NNR Railway and Armstrong Siddeley

No train pics, but such a great location I thought I would make the best use of it…

Matchless G2 CSR and Blacknell Sidecar

One of those moments when you sort through the things lying around the workshop and then think hmmmm these could go together. Yep the worlds fastest G2 CSR, (3rd place in the 2013 VMCC Sprint championship and a stunning pedigree) and a Blacknell sidecar. The build has started…. Then you consider it’s a 250cc bike,

Could we fit a sidecar to your bike? of course….

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Christmas sidecar

For the Cambridge toy run to Addenbrookes this year we decided to adapt the G2 CSR.


Addition of a Blacknell sidecar frame, which was adjusted to suit the smaller bike, and a sleigh.

A truely fun trip, and so nice to help the poor kids stuck in hospital to have a better Christmas.

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Well we now exist as a company.

We are a CMS consultancy, race car manufacturer and custom car builder.

Yes you are right a very eclectic mix but that is the way of the world these days.